Overland Track

The famous Tasmanian walking trail, the “Overland Track”, (without doubt the most well-known in Australia) goes for 82 Km from Cradle Mountain to lake St Clair and takes at least 6-7 days, over an impressive diversity of terrain. In summer you must pay an entry fee, book in advance and may only travel north to…

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Crossing the Nullarbor

Advises from local people were very differents. Some said « Don’t do it, it’s a waste of time and money, there is nothing to see»  and others said « It’s a big adventure, it’s like a ritual for people living in Western Australia. There are beautiful places and you will get an idea of what…

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A quick summary !

Before leaving for Australia it was planned to set up a blog to tell you our stories… But the rush of the departure (booking a dirty cheap hostel in Singapore at midnight with our bags just ready for leaving 4 hours later) and our arrival have a bit compromise our plans about the blog. And…

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