cooktown beach

Hunt The Cassowary

Heading North and Daintree forest. The road follows the jagged coast and offers us several beautiful clear viewpoints. We pass fields of sugar-cane, crossing at times the little train that transports the crops. In the distance mist blunts the silhouette of mountains. Everything not taken over by man is covered with thick vegetation, humid forest…

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A cosy nest

Setting up our van was one of the first big steps of our trip. It was going to affect all that followed. We spent a pretty intense month on it. We’ll tell you about it. End of December 2014. We begin by picking small adverts looking for a van or utility but we soon find…

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Great South Land

The ferry docked at Devonport. The big rains, winds and storms of the days before had made the crossing a bit rough. But our stomachs held out and here we are safe and sound, feet on terra firma. Tasmania, little island south of Australia, a world within a world. Dee, from East Australia told us…

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